CMS Made Simple (26 demos)

FTP How To (24 demos)

Configuring POP email accounts (17 demos)

cPanel 11.32 x3 end-user (30 demos)

Domain Transfers (17 demos)

DotNetNuke (21 demos)

Drupal (14 demos)

File Manager for cPanel (10 demos)

Horde Mail (11 demos)

Intro to Web Hosting (28 demos)

iPad email (8 demos)

iPhone email (8 demos)

Joomla 2.5 admin (16 demos)

Joomla 2.5 CMS (16 demos)

Joomla 2.5 end-user (12 demos)

Joomla 2.5 extensions (16 demos)

Joomla 2.5 setup (16 demos)

osCommerce (14 demos)

Outlook 2010 (8 demos)

Parallels Plesk Panel 11 end-user (30 demos)

Parallels Plesk Panel 11 reseller (21 demos)

phpMyAdmin (12 demos)

RoundCube (10 demos)

Softaculous (33 demos)

1.How to find Softaculous in cPanel
2.How to decide which script in Softaculous is right for you
3.How to install a script using Softaculous
4.How to import a script into Softaculous
5.How to synchronize Softaculous with other Auto Installers
6.How to list all scripts that have been installed by Softaculous
7.How to remove a script installed by Sofaculous
8.How to upgrade a script installed by Sofaculous
9.How to change Softaculous' settings and email settings
10.How to install Serendipity from Softaculous
11.How to install WordPress from Softaculous
12.How to install WordPress MU from Softaculous
13.How to install Nucleus from Softaculous
14.How to install Dotclear from Softaculous
15.How to install Textpattern from Softaculous
16.How to install Joomla from Softaculous
17.How to install Drupal from Softaculous
18.How to install MODx from Softaculous
19.How to install Dolphin from Softaculous
20.How to install phpBB from Softaculous
21.How to install MyBB from Softaculous
22.How to install SMF from Softaculous
23.How to install Gallery from Softaculous
24.How to install Coppermine from Softaculous
25.How to install TinyWebGallery from Softaculous
26.How to install Piwigo from Softaculous
27.How to install DokuWiki from Softaculous
28.How to install MediaWiki from Softaculous
29.How to install Zen Cart from Softaculous
30.How to install Magento from Softaculous
31.How to install osCommerce from Softaculous
32.How to install Cube Cart from Softaculous
33.How to install WHMCS from Softaculous

SquirrelMail (10 demos)

Virtuozzo (Linux) (16 demos)

WHM 11 accounts (35 demos)

1.How to create a new cPanel account in WHM
2.How to access cPanel accounts through WHM
3.How to change an account's password in WHM
4.How to change an account's disk quota in WHM
5.How to see a list of all the accounts over their disk quotas in WHM
6.How to change an account's bandwidth limit in WHM
7.How to reset an account to its package's bandwidth in WHM
8.How to view bandwidth usage by account in WHM
9.How to unsuspend all accounts that have exceeded their bandwidth limits in WHM
10.How to modify an account's other settings in WHM
11.How to change a site's IP address in WHM
12.How to suspend or unsuspend an account in WHM
13.How to terminate and permanently delete an account from your WHM server
14.How to manage Feature Lists in WHM
15.How to manage account packages in WHM
16.How to choose a different package for an account in WHM
17.How to alter an account's contact e-mail address in WHM
18.How to manage shell access in WHM
19.How to manage Wheel Group Users in WHM
20.How to view the raw logs for an account in WHM
21.How to fix an inactive account in WHM
22.How to make an account a demo account in WHM
23.How to install FrontPage Extensions on an account in WHM
24.How to view a list of the accounts on your WHM server
25.How to search for accounts on your WHM server
26.How to list all the parked domains and subdomains on your WHM server
27.How to perform actions on multiple accounts at once in WHM
28.How to manage Reseller Accounts on your WHM server
29.How to change an account's owner in WHM
30.How to copy a hosting account from another server to your WHM server using SSH
31.How to copy multiple accounts from another server to your WHM server using SSH
32.How to copy a cPanel/WHM account to your server using its login info
33.How to view a list of accounts transferred to your server in WHM
34.How to e-mail all users in WHM
35.How to modify the suspended account page in WHM

WHM 11 management (24 demos)

WHM 11 services (33 demos)

1.An overview of the important services that keep your WHM server running
2.How to set which services are enabled and monitored by WHM
3.How to view the status of all the services WHM monitors
4.How to restart a service in WHM
5.How to manage the SSL certificates used by your services in WHM
6.How to configure Apache web server in WHM
7.How to rebuild Apache and PHP in WHM
8.How to view the Apache Status page in WHM
9.How to change the bandmin username and password in WHM
10.How to access your WHM server's bandwidth monitoring system (bandmin)
11.How to configure your outgoing mail server in WHM (SMTP)
12.How to configure your incoming mail server in WHM (POP3/IMAP)
13.How to manage the mail queue in WHM
14.How to use the Mail Troubleshooter in WHM
15.How to repair mailbox permissions in WHM
16.How to view statistics regarding the mail that's passed through your WHM server
17.How to view the top e-mail relayers on your server in WHM
18.How to choose and configure your FTP server in WHM
19.How to synchronize FTP passwords in WHM
20.How to configure PHP from within WHM
21.How to choose which nameserver to use in WHM
22.How to manage DNS zones in WHM
23.How to edit the DNS zone templates in WHM
24.How to park a domain in WHM
25.How to perform a DNS cleanup in WHM
26.How to set up and edit domain forwarding in WHM
27.How to add MySQL access hosts in WHM
28.How to manage MySQL user passwords in WHM
29.How to change the root MySQL password in WHM
30.How to repair a MySQL database in WHM
31.How to set your WHM server to use a remote MySQL server
32.How to see details in WHM about the processes currently in use by MySQL
33.How to access phpMyAdmin from WHM

WHM 11 setup (29 demos)

1.What you need to know before getting started with WHM
2.How to install cPanel/WHM on a fresh installation of Linux
3.How to log in to your new WHM installation
4.How to complete the Initial Setup process in WHM
5.How to find your way around in WHM
6.How to change the root server password in WHM
7.How to synchronize your server's time and set its time zone using WHM
8.How to use Initial Quota Setup to enable disk quotas in WHM
9.How to manage IP addresses on your WHM server
10.How to change the server's main shared IP address in WHM
11.How to configure your server's DNS resolvers in WHM
12.How to install the DNS ONLY version of WHM on a nameserver
13.How to complete Initial Setup on a DNS ONLY install of WHM
14.How to use the DNS ONLY version of WHM
15.How to configure DNS Clustering across all your WHM servers
16.How to synchronize DNS zones within your cluster using WHM
17.How to specify the hostname and IP to use for each of your nameservers in WHM
18.How to modify your WHM server's hostname
19.How to add an A entry for your hostname using WHM
20.How to alter the cache settings for DNS records managed by WHM
21.How to specify which alerts you want to receive in WHM
22.How to change the destinations for WHM to use when sending alerts
23.How to use the Security Center to make your WHM server as secure as possible
24.How to change the way WHM works using Tweak Settings
25.How to adjust cPanel & WHM's Update Preferences
26.How to change the default home directory in WHM
27.How to configure the statistics software used by cPanel & WHM
28.How to fix wget before installing Fantastico
29.How to prepare Fantastico for installation on your cPanel/WHM server

WHM 11.32 (2012) reseller (30 demos)

WHM 11.34 (2013) reseller (29 demos)

WordPress (12 demos)