CMS Made Simple series

12. How to install CMS Made Simple via cPanel

This tutorial begins on the CMS Made Simple website at

Now let's learn how to install CMS Made Simple into a cPanel account

1) Mouse over Downloads

2) Click File Releases

This page lists all the full releases, upgrades, etc. In this tutorial we will be installing the latest full release

3) Click cmsmadesimple-x.x.x-full.tar.gz

4) Click Save

5) Once finished, click Close

6) Now log into your cPanel. We'll start by creating a Mysql database for CMS Made Simple

Scroll Down

7) Click Mysql Databases

8) Paste the database name here

9) Click, Create Database

The database has successfully been created. Be sure to note the database name, you will need it in a few minutes

10) Click, Go Back

Scroll Down

11) Paste the database username here

When creating a database user, you need to use the strongest password possible. This will dramatically help CMS Made Simple security

12) Click, Generate Password

13) Notice the password below. Be sure to note it as you'll need it again in a few minutes

14) Make sure all below is checked for the strongest password

15) Click, Use Password

16) Click, Close

17) Click, Create User

Note both the username and password below

18) Click, Go Back

To finish the database steps, we need to assign the new username to the database

Scroll Down

19) Click, Add

20) Click, All Privileges

21) Click, Make Changes

22) Click, Go Back

23) Click, Home

You have successfully created a Mysql database, created a user, and assigned the user to the new database

Lets now upload the CMS Made Simple archive to the server and get it ready to install

Scroll Down

24) Click, File Manager

25) Double-click public_html

26) Click, Upload

27) Click, Browse

28) Browse your local computer to find the CMS Made Simple archive

29) Once found, click cmsmadesimple-x.x.x-full.tar

30) Now click, Open

The upload will now begin and place the archive within the public_html directory

31) Once finished, click Back to...

Scroll Down

32) Click on the file archive

33) Click, Extract

34) Verify the extraction path

35) Once finished, click Extract Files

36) Once the files are extracted, click Close

The next step is to make certain directories writeable

37) Click, TMP

38) Click, uploads

39) Click, modules

40) Click, Change Permissions

41) These directories need to have full write permissions. Lets change the permissions to 777

42) Click here

43) Click here

44) Once finished, click Change Permissions

Notice the new permissions

45) Double-click tmp

46) Click templates_c

47) Click Cache

48) Click, Change Permissions

49) Click here

50) Click here

51) Once finished, click Change Permissions

52) Click, Up One Level to return to public_html

53) Double-click on uploads

54) Click, images

55) Click here

56) Click here

57) Once finished, click Change Permissions

58) We have finished preparing CMS Made Simple for installation. Go to http://www.yourdomain/index.php with your favorite internet browser to begin the installation

59) First, select the language preference

60) Once selected, click Submit

Scroll Down

61) Since this is a new installation, click Continue

Scroll Down

62) CMS Made Simple is warning you that a config.php does not exist. Open the File Manager within cPanel to fix

63) Click, New File

64) Name the file config.php

65) Once finished, click Create New File

You can see the file has been created below. Lets now set the correct permissions

66) Click, config.php

67) Click, Change Permissions

68) Click all boxes to 777

69) Once finished, click Change Permissions

70) config.php has been created and proper permissions set. Browse to the CMS Made Simple installation again to continue

71) Click, Try Again

72) All tests passed, click Continue

Scroll Down

73) Click test to check File Creation Mask

74) If passes, click Continue

Scroll Down

Lets now create the Admin Account Information

75) Enter the admin Username here

76) Paste the E-mail Address

77) Paste the password

78) Paste the password again

79) Once complete, click Continue

Scroll Down

The next step is to enter the database information

80) Paste the Mysql Database Name here

81) Paste the Mysql Database username here

82) Paste the Mysql Database password here

Since this is a new installation, you can leave all other fields default

83) Paste the Mysql Database password here

84) Click, Continue

Scroll Down

The database tables have successfully been created. In this tutorial we will leave the fields below default

85) Click, Continue

Scroll Down

Congratulations! You have successfully installed CMS Made Simple. Lets now enter the Admin Panel

86) Click, go to the Admin Panel

This is the Admin Panel. All seems to be working correctly. Lets check the front-end

87) Click here to view the front-end

Congratulations! Everything has been installed and working correctly

This is the end of the tutorial. You now know how to download and install CMS Made Simple using cPanel and Mysql