CMS Made Simple series

18. How to import a theme in CMS Made Simple

This tutorial begins on the CMS Made Simple website at, and assumes you are logged into your CMS Made Simple admin console

Now let's learn how to import a new theme in CMS Made Simple

1) Mouse-over Downloads

2) Click, CMSms Themes Site

3) Mouse-over Download Themes

4) Click, Full Themes

5) Once you have found a desired theme, click Download

6) Click, Save

7) Once downloaded, click Close

You have successfully downloaded a theme to your local computer. Now, lets go to the CMS Made Simple Admin Panel to import

8) Mouse-over, Layout

9) Click, Theme Manager

10) Click, Import

11) Click, Browse to locate the file on your local computer

12) Click on the theme file

13) Now, click Open

14) Once finished, click Import

You can see the newly uploaded theme here

This is the end of the tutorial. You now know how to download and upload a theme within CMS Made Simple