CMS Made Simple series

19. How to install a module in CMS Made Simple

This tutorial begins on the CMS Made Simple website at, and assumes you are logged into your CMS Made Simple admin console

Now let's learn how to install a module in CMS Made Simple

1) Mouse-over Downloads

2) Click, Modules

3) Click, Forge Home

Scroll Down

Scroll Right

In this tutorial we will install Guestbook

4) Click, Guestbook

Scroll Down

5) Click, Release History

6) Right-click, on the latest release

7) Click, Save Target As

8) Choose the destination and File name

9) Once finished, click Save

10) Once the download has completed, click Close

Now, lets open the CMS Made Simple Admin Panel

11) Mouse-over Extensions

12) Click, Modules

Scroll Down

13) Click, Browse

14) Find Guestbook-x.x.xx on your local computer

15) Click, Open

16) Click, Submit

You can now see Guestbook in the list below, but the Status is Not Installed

17) Click, Install to install Guestbook

18) Click, Guestbook

You have successfully installed a Module

This is the end of the tutorial. You now know how to download and install a module within CMS Made Simple