WHM 11 setup series

26. How to change the default home directory in WHM

At some point in time, you might want to change the home directory WHM uses to place new accounts.

1) Go to Server Configuration, then Basic cPanel/WHM Setup.

2) Scroll down.

By default, all directories matching the Home Directory Prefix option below are checked for available disk space; the directory with the most free space will be used. Unless you have a good reason, this is probably the most desired functionality. If you use the default prefix of "home" and create a /home and /home2 directory on your web server, new accounts will be placed in either /home or /home2, according to which directory contains the smallest amount of information.

If you want to force WHM to use the Default Home Directory specified, you must disable the prefix option by putting a blank value in that field.

3) Let's do that as an example.

4) Change this to the desired directory name.

5) Click Save.

Your home directory settings have been changed.

Remember that you'll now have to manually change the home directory if the new one runs out of room.