WHM 11 services series

24. How to park a domain in WHM

A parked domain is a domain name that sits on top of another, serving the same website to a client's browser. They're commonly used when website owners have the same domain on multiple top-level domains, such as with demo1234.com and demo1234.org.

1) Typically, a parked domain is added from cPanel, but let's see how to add one in WHM. Find the DNS Functions section.

2) Click Park a Domain.

3) Choose the existing domain on which to park the new one.

4) Enter the domain name to park.

5) Click Submit.

Success! One domain name was successfully parked on top of another. The owner of the original domain should now be able to see the parked domain in cPanel.

This is the end of the tutorial. You now know how to park a domain in WHM.