File Manager for cPanel

4. How to create new files and folders in File Manager

This demo assumes you've already logged in to cPanel's File Manager.

1) Click on New File.

Leave the public_html path as it is because we always need to upload files in this folder. You will learn how to upload files in subfolders a little later.

2) Type the file name here.

3) Then click Create New File.

Your file has been created successfully.

4) Let's create a new folder now. Click on New Folder.

5) Type the folder name here.

6) Click Create New Folder to continue.

7) Please type the path where you want to create this new folder.In this case, we will keep it as it is.

Your folder was created successfully.

You can also see it in the left margin.

8) Now let's create a file in a subfolder. Click on New File again.

9) Type the filename.

10) Now keep the existing path as it is, in this case, it's "public_html". After that, add "/" and then type the folder name in which you want to create this new file.

11) Now again click on Create New file.

12) You will not be redirected to the folder after you create the file, so we need to go there to check. Double click the "test" folder to check it.

Congratulations, the file has been created successfully in the "test" subfolder.

This is the end of the tutorial. Now you know how to create new files and folders in the File Manager.