Joomla 2.5 CMS series

1. How to use the Category Manager in Joomla

This tutorial assumes you are already logged into your Joomla admin panel.

Joomla uses Categories and SubCategories to organize Articles.

1) Select the 'Content' menu with your mouse cursor.

2) Next click on 'Category Manager'.

The Category Manager allows you to create, modify, delete, publish and unpublish categories.

3) Select the Joomla category checkbox to illustrate Publish and Unpublish.

4) Once the category or subcategory is checked then click on the 'Unpublish' button.

5) To change the publishing status of a category you may optionally click on the Status icon for that category.

6) To modify a category, click on the category title.

Here you can make modifications to the category title, description, etc.

7) Selecting the Parent dropdown will determine if this category is a subcategory or a top level category.

Now this Category and Title have been revised and is no longer a SubCategory, now a top level Category.

8) To create a New category, click on the 'New' button.

9) Enter the required Title and any other information for this category. You can manually enter an Alias or Joomla will automatically add an Alias, used only if SEO friendly URLs are enabled. (Apache servers only)

10) Now click in the text area of the editor to enter a Description for this category.

11) Click on the Save & Close button.

This is the end of this tutorial. You now know how to manage categories in Joomla.