Joomla 2.5 CMS series

14. How to manage Banners in Joomla

This tutorial assumes you are already logged into your Joomla admin panel

The Banners manager allows you to display and track banner ads on your Joomla website

1) First select Components from the Joomla menu bar

2) Next select Banners, then click on Categories

3) Let's create a new Banner Category for our example banner. We'll click on the New button

4) Enter a Title for our new Banner Category

5) Now scroll down to the Description text editor field

6) Click in the text area and enter your text to describe this category

7) Scroll up and click the Save & Close button

8) Now click the Clients menu link

9) Here we will create a new Client. Click on the New button

10) Select the Client Name field and enter the new client name

11) Select the Contact Name field and enter the approriate information

12) Select the options desired for this client. We will select to Use Global options

13) Select Contact email and enter the client's email address

14) Now click on the Save & Close button

15) Let's open Banners now in the Banner Manager by clicking on the Banners menu link

16) Now let's create a new Banner by clicking the New button

17) Give our new Banner a name by selecting and typing in the Name field

18) Next select a Category for this banner. We will choose the category we previously created

Now we want to select an image for our new banner. We have previously uploaded the image we wish to use

19) Click on the Select button to choose an image

20) We select the acme.gif image by clicking on it

21) Now select the Insert button by clicking on it

22) Enter any additional information like Alternative Text (the text displayed when your mouse hovers over an image) and the Click URL for this banner

23) Select a Client to associate with this banner using the dropdown list on the right

24) For this client banner, we want to select the Purchase Type, Track Impressions, and Track Clicks

25) Next scroll up and click the Save & Close button

26) Now let's view our newly created banner in our website by clicking the View Site link

Scroll down to view our Banner

Our banner is displayed with impressions and clicks being tracked

Now you know how to create and manage Banners in Joomla