Joomla 2.5 CMS series

16. How to use Global Check-in with Joomla

This tutorial assumes you are already logged into your Joomla admin panel

When more than one administrator is working in the Joomla admin panel, Joomla will lock records that are opened to help prevent conflicts with record commits. This can prevent one user from overwriting another user's adds or edits

In certain circumstances, Joomla may lock a record and it will not be released properly. If this happens, you can use the Global Check-in to unlock records

1) To use Global Check-in, first select the Site menu option

2) Under the Site menu option, look for Maintenence, then across to Global Check-in and click it

Here you can see if there are items to check-in on the far right

3) Select the row or rows that require items to be checked-in by checkmarking those rows

4) Click on the Check In button

Let's view the Article Manager to see the results of our Global Check-in

5) Select the Content menu option

6) Now down to the Article Manager and click it

Here we see how a locked Article appears with a small padlock icon

Now you know how to use Global Check-in

After using Global Check-in, the small padlock icon is now gone