Joomla 2.5 extensions series

8. How to add contact forms with Rapid Contact in Joomla

This tutorial assumes you are already logged into your Joomla admin panel

1) Select the Extensions menu item

2) Then down and click on the Extension Manager

3) Click the Browse button

4) Select the Rapid Contact module extension

5) Then click the Open button

6) Next click the Upload & Install button

7) Select the Extensions menu item

8) Then down and click on the Module Manager

9) Select the Rapid Contact module title

10) Click the Select position button

Scroll down to select the approriate position

11) Select a position by clicking the title

12) Change the Status for this module by selecting the dropdown list and clicking on Published

13) Select the Email Recipient field and enter your email address

14) Select the Mail From Name

15) Select the Mail From Email field and enter a return email address

16) Scroll down to Menu Assignments and select the Main Menu tab

17) Click on the Module Assignment dropdown list and select Only on selected pages

18) Now checkmark the Home menu item

Now the Rapid Contact module will only display on the Home page

19) Scroll up and click the Save & Close button

Now let's view the module on our site's homepage

20) Click the View Site link

Scroll down to view the Rapid Contact module

21) Let's enter the requested information in our form

22) After filling in the form select the Send Message button

You now know how to add contact forms using Rapid Contact in Joomla