Joomla 2.5 extensions series

11. How to accept PayPal donations in Joomla

This tutorial assumes you are already logged into your Joomla admin panel

1) Select the Extensions menu item

2) Then down and click on the Extension Manager

3) Click the Browse button

4) Select the module extension you wish to install

5) Next select the Open button

6) Now click on the Upload & Install button

You will be notified if the installation was successful or if there were any errors

Now let's enable the module and enter any configuration settings

7) Select the Extension menu and then down to Module Manager

8) Click on the PayPal Donation module title

9) Let's change the Donation Title

10) Select the Yes radio button under Show on frontpage to show the Donation Amount

11) In order for PayPal to process payments you need to enter your PayPal ID

12) Next enter a Donation Description

13) Now scroll up and click the Select position button

Scroll down to select the appropriate position title

14) Select a position by clicking on it

15) Next select the Status dropdown list and change to it Published

16) Scroll down to Menu Assignment and select the Module Assignment dropdown

17) Select On all pages

18) Scroll up and click on the Save & Close button

Let's view the PayPal Donation module on our site's homepage

19) Click the View Site link

Scroll down to view the PayPal Donation module

20) Let's enter a different amount

21) Now click the Donate button

You are taken to the PayPal site to complete your donation

The Donation Title you configured in the module is displayed here

You now know how to accept PayPal donations in Joomla