Joomla 2.5 extensions series

13. How to add article Attachments in Joomla

This tutorial assumes you are already logged into your Joomla admin panel

1) Select the Extensions menu item

2) Then down and click on the Extension Manager

3) Click the Browse button

4) Select the extension you wish to install

5) Now click the Open button

6) Next click the Upload & Install button

7) After successfully installing, select the Content menu item

8) Then down to Media Manager

9) Scroll to the right and select the Options button

10) Select the Legal Extensions field and enter or remove any additional file types. Seperate each file type by a coma

11) Select No to unrestrict uploads and disable checking MIME types. Be certain this is appropriate for your web site since this could open a security hole

12) Now select the Save & Close button

13) Select the Components menu item

14) Then down to Attachments and over to Add new attachment

15) Click the Select Article button

16) Click the article title you want to select

17) Select the Browse button to choose a file attachment

18) Select a file for the attachment

19) Now click the Open button

20) Select the Description field and enter a description for this attachment

21) Make this attachment Published

22) Let's change the Access to Public so any visitor can access the file

23) Now select Save & Close

Let's view this attachment from our site's homepage

24) Select the View Site link

25) Scroll down and click on the Beginners article link

Scroll down to view the article and the new Attachment

You now know how to enable article attachments in Joomla