Joomla 2.5 extensions series

16. How to add an event calendar in Joomla

This tutorial assumes you are already logged into your Joomla admin panel

1) Select the Extensions menu item

2) Click Extension Manager

3) Click the Browse button

4) Select the component you wish to install

5) Click the Open button

6) Select the Upload & Install button

7) Click the continue button to complete this installation

8) Make changes to the component configuration as need

9) Scroll up and click on the Save & Close button

10) Select the Manage Categories icon

11) Select the New button

12) Enter a Title for the new category

13) Now enter a Description for this category

14) Select a colour for this category from the colour picker on the right

15) Scroll up and click the Save & Close button

Now let's go back to the Control Panel for this component

16) Click on the Manage Events icon

17) Click on the New button

18) Select the Subject field and enter the subject for this event

19) Now choose a category for this event

20) Scroll down and enter the Activity information

21) Enter the Location for this event

22) Now enter the Contact information

23) Enter any additional information in the Extra Info field

24) Next select the Calendar tab

25) Enter the Start and End dates and times for this event

26) Now click the Save & Close button

27) Select the Menus menu item then down to Top

28) Over to Add New Menu Item

29) Click the Select button for Menu Item Type

30) Select a Menu Item Type for this menu

31) Now enter the Menu Title for this menu

32) Select the Save & Close button

33) Let's view the calendar component now. Click on the View Site link

34) Click on the EVENTS menu item

Here we can see our event listing.  We can also view the calendar in a number of different formats by clicking the legend at the top

Mouse over an event to view its details

You now know how to add an event calendar in Joomla