Joomla 2.5 end-user series

7. How to submit a Weblink in Joomla

For this tutorial we will login as a user with Author access

1) Scroll down and to the left to login

Now scroll down to the User Menu on the left

2) Select the Submit a Weblink menu option by clicking it

3) Click on the Title field and enter a title for your weblink

4) Next select the Category dropdown list and choose a category for your weblink submission

5) Select the URL field by clicking it and enter the URL for your weblink submission. If you leave off the HTTP:// Joomla will automatically add it when saving

6) Scroll down, click in the text area for the Description, and enter the description for this weblink

7) Now click the Save button

Now you know how to submit a Weblink in Joomla

Your weblink submission will have to be reviewed and approved by an administrator before being published