WHM 11.32 (2012) reseller series

6. Checking your server status and information in WHM

This demo assumes you've already logged in to WebHost Manager (WHM)

Let's take a look at the Server Status section of WHM, and the 2 options; Server Information and Service Status

1) Click the Service Status link

Here you will find a list of services running in your server, and their status whether the services are up or whether they're failing

From the green lights shown, we see that the services here are all up and running fine

If the lights were red (failing) or yellow (about to fail), then more investigation would be needed to find out why, and how to get the services back up and running

One of the more important items in this list is the Server Load.  It is a good indication of how hard the server is being run. If the load gets much above 1.00 multiplied by the number of CPU cores in your server, the server may be overloaded and you should address this with your server administration.

Here at the bottom of the list of services, list your hard drive partitions and how much storage space is being used by each.  It is typically the /home directory where all the hosting account files are located, so you should ensure there's lots of space available here

2) Now click the Server Information link

In this case, the server has an Intel Xeon Processor with two cores, each running at 3.00 GHz, with a 6 MB cache

The server has 4 GB of RAM

On the Server Information page, you can see the complete details of your server

You can see a breakdown of how the 4 GB of RAM is being used here

It has one hard drive named sda, which is a 500 GB drive

Finally, a detailed breakdown of the hard drive partitions is shown here at the bottom of the page

This is the end of the tutorial.  If you ever have problems with the service you get from your server, you should return to the Server Status section to check things out