Softaculous (33 demos)

1.How to find Softaculous in cPanel
2.How to decide which script in Softaculous is right for you
3.How to install a script using Softaculous
4.How to import a script into Softaculous
5.How to synchronize Softaculous with other Auto Installers
6.How to list all scripts that have been installed by Softaculous
7.How to remove a script installed by Sofaculous
8.How to upgrade a script installed by Sofaculous
9.How to change Softaculous' settings and email settings
10.How to install Serendipity from Softaculous
11.How to install WordPress from Softaculous
12.How to install WordPress MU from Softaculous
13.How to install Nucleus from Softaculous
14.How to install Dotclear from Softaculous
15.How to install Textpattern from Softaculous
16.How to install Joomla from Softaculous
17.How to install Drupal from Softaculous
18.How to install MODx from Softaculous
19.How to install Dolphin from Softaculous
20.How to install phpBB from Softaculous
21.How to install MyBB from Softaculous
22.How to install SMF from Softaculous
23.How to install Gallery from Softaculous
24.How to install Coppermine from Softaculous
25.How to install TinyWebGallery from Softaculous
26.How to install Piwigo from Softaculous
27.How to install DokuWiki from Softaculous
28.How to install MediaWiki from Softaculous
29.How to install Zen Cart from Softaculous
30.How to install Magento from Softaculous
31.How to install osCommerce from Softaculous
32.How to install Cube Cart from Softaculous
33.How to install WHMCS from Softaculous