WHM 11 accounts (35 demos)

1.How to create a new cPanel account in WHM
2.How to access cPanel accounts through WHM
3.How to change an account's password in WHM
4.How to change an account's disk quota in WHM
5.How to see a list of all the accounts over their disk quotas in WHM
6.How to change an account's bandwidth limit in WHM
7.How to reset an account to its package's bandwidth in WHM
8.How to view bandwidth usage by account in WHM
9.How to unsuspend all accounts that have exceeded their bandwidth limits in WHM
10.How to modify an account's other settings in WHM
11.How to change a site's IP address in WHM
12.How to suspend or unsuspend an account in WHM
13.How to terminate and permanently delete an account from your WHM server
14.How to manage Feature Lists in WHM
15.How to manage account packages in WHM
16.How to choose a different package for an account in WHM
17.How to alter an account's contact e-mail address in WHM
18.How to manage shell access in WHM
19.How to manage Wheel Group Users in WHM
20.How to view the raw logs for an account in WHM
21.How to fix an inactive account in WHM
22.How to make an account a demo account in WHM
23.How to install FrontPage Extensions on an account in WHM
24.How to view a list of the accounts on your WHM server
25.How to search for accounts on your WHM server
26.How to list all the parked domains and subdomains on your WHM server
27.How to perform actions on multiple accounts at once in WHM
28.How to manage Reseller Accounts on your WHM server
29.How to change an account's owner in WHM
30.How to copy a hosting account from another server to your WHM server using SSH
31.How to copy multiple accounts from another server to your WHM server using SSH
32.How to copy a cPanel/WHM account to your server using its login info
33.How to view a list of accounts transferred to your server in WHM
34.How to e-mail all users in WHM
35.How to modify the suspended account page in WHM